Be one step ahead with HD video service for the first time in the market

AXISSOFT CO., Ltd launched StatPlayer that can have the nation’s first HD video service and possesses video and contents transmission technology that is suitable for various on-line education market. It is an innovative HD web player that you can have HD image without buffering by using groundbreaking In-streaming transmission technology which surpasses the limitation of Internet broadcast service. It easily reflects what customers want and offer flexible service on function scalability. It is also a powerful HD web player that can support with double speed function and search desired section in real time without buffering. With outstanding quality, it obtained GSmark after passing the SW quality certification standard from TTA related to information communication. The acquisition of the GS mark represents passing certification standard based on Global standard ISO/IEC 9126,ISO/IEC 25051, ISO/IEC14598.

Main function

No one can follow our main function of StarPlayer

Frist HD image realization
• Support almost media container such as MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, WEBM, WMV (PC)
• Support almost Video/Stereo codex such as H.264, VP8, DIVX, XVID, AAC, MP3, OGG vorbis, OGG teora (PC)
• Support only MP4 / H.264(Video), AAC(Audio) in Mobile version
• Support Cross browsing (IE, Firefox, Chrome, SafarI, Opera)
Support perfect sink with Video when playing at double speed
• Support progressive download considering uneven network users
Response to Internet Explorer 11
• Support Windows 32bit and 64bit OS
• Support OSX

Other various functions

We organize must-have function that users need.

Additional function in player
Supply API needed to interwork LMS
Do UI customizing by enterprise player
Double speed function
Support subtitles, screen capture, repeating section
Set Video renderer
Set Video decoder
Support Digital watermark
Audio amplifier
Multi-national language supplyment
Strong media security function
Block out process of recording tool
Block out virtual PC
Block out hide tool
Block out remote tool
Block out sharing ID in real time
Block out unauthorized medial server access
Block out Video-Out
Administrator control function
Illegal access status of media server
User control function
Recording attempt status
Video-Out and Projector using status
Contents statistics
User statistics
• Reduce circuit cost from 25% to 50% in comparison with WMS
• Increase rate of return with contents security(10%~)
• Increase viewer’s concentration and reduce tiredness with improvement of video image quality
• Stable service with minimum headcount (Minimizing CS)
• Offer One Source Multi Use