Are you having the following problems?
• Increase traffic costs caused by high-volume contents
• Unstable service due to link delay between ISP
• Efficiency of sever and network infra with temporary popular contents
• Worries in the planning stage of first-time internet business
Differentiated service that delivers contents rapidly and stably through Infra established by main ISP
With radical evolution of e-business environment, contents are becoming various and mass. This lead to be a big burden for people who prepare and plan to star business, so differentiated problem solving can be the core ability. In this e-business market, AXISSOFT CO., Ltd. provides you optimum service including effectiveness of expenditure and stability of service with differentiated technology, DTS and VSS.
CDN service at AXISSOFT CO., Ltd distributes, installs servers to each ISP for stable service of digital contents and provides service at the closest ISP to users through GSLB. With this, utilization rate of interconnection network between ISP remarkably reduces and helps service stability maximize.

Difference before and after CDN application

Before CDN application
  • End User demands Web
  • Transmit contents to ISP End User through interconnection network with customer’s server
    (the reason for service quality decline)
  • Provide service through End User ISP
After CDN application
  • End User demands Web
  • Transmit contents at the closest SIP
    (Reduce effectiveness of interconnection network)


Perfect integrated solution suitable for multimedia broadcast and streaming on Smartphone

App hosting service at AXISSOFT CO., Ltd provides infra needed for mobile service and helps you offer e-learning, broadcasting and various contents and information on Smartphone.
By using RTP/RTSP, you can stream digital video including news, entertainment, and educational contents, and capture MPEG-4 contents at the latest media formats such as MP3, MPEG-4, AAC stereo and encode them.
Also, to deliver vivid event, we offer end-to-end solution. Intuitive QTSS Publisher interface can make music, lecture, interview and other pre-recorded media paly list, upload and simulate live broadcasting conveniently. Also, you can use streaming on demand that is easily accessible to other contents “at anytime”.